10 ways to surprise your spouse on your First anniversary

They say the first year is the hardest, so congratulations! You made it! Now, you want to let your spouse know how much this year has meant to you. If you’re stuck for ideas for the special day on how to surprise your spouse, then check out WedEngage’s anniversary surprise suggestions, from the simple and tasteful, to the more unusual suggestions, we have plenty of ideas to make sure that your partner is delighted with their surprise. No matter what you do, your thoughtfulness will surely make the day memorable:

1. Post it: Who said love notes are outdated? They may be old school but it is surely the cutest thing you can do for your better half. Leave them everywhere; refrigerator door, mirror, wallets, morning tea cup, breakfast table, bedside table. They are sure to make your partner smile each and every time a note pops up. Let them know how much you love them with every piece of paper.2. Your personalized music collection: A collection of music of ‘your songs’. Songs that are close to your heart. Songs that define those special moments in your life. The track that played when you kissed for the first time? Your first dance track? Let the songs say everything that you want to, to your spouse.

3. Recreate your first date: Do exactly the things you did then. Simple fun first date activities are usually easy to replicate and deeply romantic for any couple.

4. A movie hall, all to yourself: If you two are big movie buffs then make this the most memorable movie time of your life. Book an entire hall for just the two of you and watch your favorite movie in full privacy. Add a bit of romance by preparing a short video for your partner to be played before to the actual movie. You can DIY it too! Record a video message, follow it with pictures of the two of you, a snippet from your wedding video and messages from your dear ones. Charges depend on the movie hall, so you’ll have to do your bit of planning for this. 

5. Your own personal Journal: Make a journal “Our journey together for 1 year”. Paste the pictures of your wedding, honeymoon, random weekend pictures, romantic moments, birthday celebrations. Make sure your write good punch lines and comments below each (or at least some of them).

6. Surprise hunt: Leave your spouse a paper trail that leads to a cuddly surprise.

7. King/Queen for a day: Spend an entire day anticipating their wants.  This will blow their mind!  What is your partner’s favorite breakfast?  What would he/she love to see when they come home?  If they wrote down their perfect day for you, what would be on that list?  Think about that and then do as many things on that list as possible.

8. Book a getaway trip: Your partner will love some alone time with you on a fabulous getaway weekend for two. If money is no object, book a vacation somewhere you’ve always dreamed of going. If money is a little tight, book a vacation in an affordable hotel or search for discounted last minute packages. It doesn’t matter if the hotel isn’t exactly five-star accommodations. Your spouse will love the time alone with you no matter where you are.


9. Cook it up: Cook up your partner’s favorite meal. Nothing is more heart warming than when your partner cooks for you. Even better. Have it given to them in bed.

 10. Poetry: Read out the most romantic poetry out to your partner in the most magical of settings. Imagine a starry night and reading out a love sonnet by Pablo Neruda to the most special person. It’s the most toe curling thing that one can do on an anniversary.


If these ideas helped, or you have any ideas of your own, comment below and let us know your story.

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