Pritha + Praveen

Pritha + Praveen

Love happened to them in the year 2011. Both of them were professional dancers and on some levels this is what first helped them form a connection. Never had any of them anticipated what the future held. As days went by, they become friends and got to know each other better. Slowly yet beautifully, love bloomed. Praveen proposed to Pritha and she said yes! Now in a relationship for more than 7 years, they are finally tying the knot, and both couldn’t be any happier. As fate would have it, their parents too agreed to the marriage happily and both them just cant wait to start a new phase of their life.

Pritha, the name that instantly rung a bell in his heart. Dance was what got them closer. Touching her hands for the first time was a moment he would never forget. Her smile and the goodness of her character is what drove him crazy. Her attitude towards life is what made him fall head over heels in love with her. Marriage was a decision that didn’t come easily, but now he cannot imagine his life without her. She adds the color and charm and beauty to his life. Like a candle that lights up a dark room, she entered his life exactly like that. With her care and selfless actions, she taught him the real meaning of love.

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