Pramod + Mamata

Both were scared and jittery, thinking what the future held for them. Both afraid to take the leap of faith. But as he saw her emerge looking like a dream, and as she saw in him a reflection of all that she had wished for, they both somehow knew what would follow. And with their steps in unison, with every ritual that they completed, the Gods themselves couldn’t help but marvel at the extraordinary pair that they chose to put together.
Pramod and Mamata, are more than a couple made in heaven.

With a wedding set in the magical background of Hubli, this couple sure had the fate of their arranged marriage etched in golden words in God’s own book. Pramod works in the United Kingdom and contacted Wedengage to cover their special day and booked us without any hesitation and without even a meeting. The wedding was a nothing short of a dream scenario and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the pictures did absolute justice to it. Personalized boxes of exotic perfume were handed out as return gifts and the entire ceremony couldn’t have turned out to be any better. Wedengage wishes the couple a very happy and a blessed married life and good luck in their future endeavors.

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