Babishayini + Jeevithan

Sri Lankan Destination Wedding – Fight for what you love

What it’s like to fight for what you love and for whom you love? Here is the Sri Lankan couple who built their love from Denmark, fought against all the struggles and proved to be the ‘Made for each other’ pair. They evince us the strong bond through their effort & trust which helped to enhance the diligent relationship to a happy ending.

The love was strongly built with more sacrifices, attachment, understanding for two long years and finally they decided to get hitched forever. It’s not just about finding a love worth fighting for; it’s about finding a love we need to fight for. How much they were willing to fight for each other, how they were willing to suffer for it and stood up for each other which intently lets us appreciate how true it really is.

Fight for what you love, you will flourish.

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